Saturday, February 04, 2017

Progressive Liberal Logic : Take As Much As You Can!

liberal logic
How much has changed since the 60's? Just the demands are bigger. Everyone's Freedom.

This is a little long in the tooth from the good old days  of huge concerts in farmer Fudds back forty, long hair, smelly cloths, jewelry hanging from everywhere visible and invisible and scraggly beards of the 60's are back in vogue.

But now the ravages of unlimited promises of free stuff by progressive socialist liberal democrats for the last 8 years has ramped up the need for a irresponsible secure life that has raised it's ugly head again that neatly destroyed an entire generation.

And maybe the worst is we are being ruled now in many areas of country where these same drugged brain dead looters of the national treasury from the 60's, are driving us back into the ditch of catastrophic ignorance and depression from whence we dragged ourselves out of over the last several decades.

Only now there is a huge difference from the 60's that just thought they wanted to rule their own lives at some ones else's expense, the demand now is for the very soul of the country, the university dups and paid political terrorists thugs that are rioting, burning and destroying the fruits of a free civil society.  Know this is the real target of the progressive socialist Marxist democrats, our individual freedom.

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