Sunday, February 26, 2017

Progressive Government Insanity : Good Sense And Logic Lost, Trashed!

This can be seen as just how far out of touch the government under progressive socialist liberal democrats really are -

Trump is fixing it now as he drags our bloted government of blood suckers in the government departments and agency tyrants kicking and screaming out of the ditch that Barack and the progressive democrat collective dumps us in.

The average citizen down here in the trenches is still bewildered by the amount of destructive hate that is being brought against Trump and the Republicans for have the audacity to win an election that was the progressive socialist liberal democrats by right to win.

Everyone knew they would win. It was no contest. They had a candidate from the inner ranks of the collective and enough money to buy three election. This election belongs to us and only us.

But on no, the people actually voted them out of power? Democrats on the outside looking in? The door to the treasury has been slammed shut? The progressive socialist are stunned, and followed closely by fear and then unhinged hatful outrage.

Again, when a progressive democrat is denied power, all semblance of humanity and common sense no longer apply. From that point forward it's relentless attack to destroy and by any means necessary all those that took, stole their birthright to power.

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