Sunday, February 26, 2017

Media Expert Explains Her Job : We Tell You What to Think!

What exactly does it mean to have a grip on reality? I'm not sure where or how to begin to explain the absolute lack of the mental capacity of these people that believe they are the smartest and brightest in the room.

If it was a one-off thing that happens on the mains stream news, one could ignore it but this kind of thing happens of an hourly basis by progressive socialist liberal media.

The bigger story here this isn't a slip of the brain, a brain fart,  this is what they really believe. The accident here is Mika let us know what she really thinks about the public and how they, we must be treated.

The public, those of us in the trenches not aware of their absolute powers to persuade have to treated like children gone astray. Fools wallowing in ignorance of the bigger picture that must be shown the light of true socialist liberal ideology to save from their own destruction.

Mikis Flyb
Progressivism : A metal disease of self induced ignorance.

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