Saturday, February 25, 2017

Illegals Must Vote Deomcrat : Voting Republican Means Deportation

If Dems thought Illegals would vote GOP, they'd be gone faster than Ebola:The whole purpose of progressive socialist liberal democrats in this country concerning immigrants is to make sure illegals continue to flow across the boarder without inference or vetting.

The more illegals that can become dependent on government services the better which will ensure they will vote to keep the services coming.

Yeah I know illegals can't vote. Oh Really? But we all know as well that they do and have for decades. What other reason would California issue drivers licenses to illegals other then to make sure they can register to vote.

And given what the democrat government in California has done in the past to win election for democrats, sanctuary cites politics, little is left to wonder the purpose of democrats that support illegal immigration is to have a permanent voter base that increases by the hour.

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