Saturday, February 04, 2017

Progesssive socialists And Mob Rule : Karl Marx And Democrats Rule the day

The face of the new democrat collective. Karl Marx is smiling.
I wonder what's changed? Is it that our process by witch our civil society decides what is right and what is wrong changed from rules of law to the mob in the street with the destruction of property?

Actually the process has changed ever since Barrack decided to run for president of the United States.

Barack proclaimed he would ''fundamentally'' change America and he has. Barack has implemented his religious jihad for 'change transformation' that has driven law and order into the hands of anarchists, domestic terrorists spooned from the actions and rhetoric of progressive socialist liberal democrats that deem themselves the rulers of the world and maybe even the universe. All others must be destroyed.

Ever wonder who's lurking behind the curtain pulling the levers of conflict and chaos? Well wonder no longer, the election of Donald Trump has forced the curtain aside that has shielded the progressive socialist liberals that have reeked havoc for generations on this country is now revealing the sinister and unscrupulous criminals for what they are.

The definition of insanity by any other name can only be progressive liberal democratic.

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