Saturday, February 04, 2017

Republicans Falling Away From Repeal and Replace : Backsliding A Way of Life?

Dems on Obamacare
Republicans fear success will evade them, so they are backing away!
Knowing what is true about OgbjmaCare, and how it has destroyed our healthcare that has served this country so well for generations, and yet we are seeing the Republicans starting to fall back in fear of the same old bogey men that has paralyzed them in the passed, the attack of progressive socialist liberal media.

Even when more the 70% of the population have stated repeatedly they think OgbjmaCare is a disaster, the Republicans appear uncertain of how to proceed. The heavy lifting needed for success found wanting as more and more Republicans backslide. We need more time. We can't rush into this, the people need more clarity and debate.

With the foot dragging that we are seeing by Republicans on replacing OgbjmaCare bodes poorly for the future. And what is so depressing is that we all hoped this wouldn't happen like it always has in the past, the Republicans seem to be caving when the road ahead is uncertain.

Hand wringing is a way of life for Republicans.

How foolish of us to believe things would be different now that the Republicans have all branches of government and yet the progressive democrats still run the show.

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