Sunday, February 26, 2017

Banned Muslims From US : Racist? Carter Gets A Pass

And he was an absolute idiot....but better than obastard and his demodipshits!:
Jimmy actually never left his peanut farm.
Jimmy Carter was and is a peanut farmer and a segregate democrat who had no idea what America actually stands for or what Americans generally believe.

Yet being just a good soldier in the ranks of willing democrats and other good soldiers waiting to receive orders on what to do next, he accepted the order and duty to advance the agenda and ideology of the party founders.

Jimmy's history is about being a walk-on from the farm to the presidency, but was still able to do and say just about anything no matter how illogical, illegal, immoral or stupid, got a pass from the media.

Where did he come from? Who is this guy? Fast forward, enter (Barry) Barack Hussain Ogbjma, stage left! Another walk-on community organizer ready to do his duty for the larger cause of the parties tortured philosophy of getting and keeping the power to control!

Oh WOW, who knew the press would line up and defend them both without a second thought. It's all in the family so why not circle the wagons?

The only saving grace for Carter was he had no idea what was going on in Washington or the world, where as Barack knew from the beginning what he wanted to do, and with the help of the progressive media running point, he brought his religious jihad for transformation to America.

The legacy of moral and unethical destructive chaos is baked into the DNA, there is no escaping that reality. And American and the free world have suffered greatly as a result for it.

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