Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yahoo News Denies Their Past History : Fantasy Easily Defeats Reality

Yahoo News headline : ''Where will Trump aids draw the line on lies''

This is what makes the rational person stagger as the mind of a person with common sense knows that Yahoo news has a history of blindly supporting the progressive democrats no matter the situation or how outrageous it is, and yet here they are demanding people to be accountable for what they say.

Truly, we have reached a point in our political discussions where the progressive's have found the ability to slip between one 'time dimension' and another with ease, never missing a beat. The past doesn't exist, only what exists in the present 'dimension' is real.

But whoa! Now the Republicans are lying and that is unacceptable?  And who is making the claim of who is lying? Never mind about those behind the curtain, look over there at those Republicans that are saying things that we have questions that no has answers for.

So if he media doesn't have answers ready when they question others about lying, one has know it's just more biased scribblers venting, unable to reconcile their candidate wasn't up to the task of actually being a legitimate person to carry the banner of progressive liberal socialism.

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