Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Deals The Cards Now : The Players Must Play by The Rules

Newt is on message -  What scares the progressive liberal democrats, the alt-left the most, is that it is no longer 'business as usual, there is a new sheriff in town.' All things that brought stability to their collective jobs in government are no longer in play.

What Trump brings to the table is all parties in the game must show their cards to play, or fold their hand and leave the game. And for the progressive to lay their cards on the table openly is for them to expose themselves as having a losing hand.

It interesting that for decades the progressive have always had a thumb on the scale, someone of their own was dealing the cards no matter who was in charge. But now, the dealer demands no slight-of-hand, dealing from the bottom of deck, so everyone must use what ever skills have to play the hand they are dealt. And in the end, when you are called, it will become clear to everyone who has the necessary skill to win.

Why Trump Poses a Bigger Threat to the Left Than Reagan, According to Newt Gingrich
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President-elect Donald Trump poses a greater threat to the left than any other political leader in the last 100 years, Newt Gingrich proclaimed on the eve of Inauguration Day. Speaking at The Heritage Foundation on Thursday, Gingrich predicted that the Trump administration will dismantle the Washington establishment, unlike anything America has ever seen. “Trump is a direct moral threat to both the value system of the left—because he’s so politically incorrect—and to the power structure of the left,” the former House speaker said.

Trump will put an end to the liberal agenda pushed by the establishment since Franklin Roosevelt, Gingrich predicted. “I believe it’s an opportunity to end the 84-year dominance of the left starting with Roosevelt in 1932,” Gingrich said. “[Ronald] Reagan didn’t end it, I didn’t end it. It has continued to be the dominant underlying force in American culture and government. We have a chance now to really do that.”

As the media becomes increasingly terrified and the left’s anticipation has risen, Gingrich said, it has become clear to me that there is no historical parallel to Trumpism. Not even Reagan can serve as a model for a chief executive whose primary goal is to completely alter the current power structure, Gingrich noted.

“Reagan’s goal was to defeat the Soviet empire and, within the context of the traditional system, to accelerate economic growth and rebuild a belief in America and American history,” he said. “He didn’t spend a lot of time trying to take on the core value system of the left.”

Trump’s tackling of the left’s ideology is comparable to Margaret Thatcher’s annihilation of socialism in Great Britain during her years as prime minister. Thatcher assailed socialism, “which is exactly what Trump should do,” Gingrich said. “Thatcher was a direct threat to both the value system and the power structure of the left in Great Britain.”

Gingrich suggested that while Trump may not be an ideological, traditional conservative, he has the ability to not only create jobs and stimulate the economy, but also to overpower the left’s agenda.
“He is not an ideological, traditional conservative, but he may be the most anti-left political leader of the last 100 years,” Gingrich said. “If they come together as a team and if they really focus on large-scale change, this will in fact be a historic opportunity.

Gingrich urged Trump voters to be both “noisily supported” of the administration and heavily critical of the elite news media. “Every time the news media does something wrong, scream at them,” he said. “Just pound on them. Don’t pretend that we should pay attention to them in a positive way.”
Gingrich will pick up with part four of his six-part series on understanding Trump and Trumpism at Heritage on Monday, Jan. 23. The speech will take place at 11 a.m. EST.

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