Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Clintons Ponder The Future : Show Us Where The Money Is!

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So little time, so much money left to steal.
And what really must sting is he has to look at Melania on television all time and then look what's sitting on the other side of table.

Maybe it's time to pay the bill for all these years of corruption and malfeasance that these two have wrought. It just seems the right and best thing to happen to such a great couple. They deserve each other.

Still, now that Hillary is supposedly going to run for mayor of New York City, maybe the saga of theft of public funds and reaching under skirts is just another chapter in the book of Clinton atrocities.

Maybe it's not over after all.

And when you think about all of the millions of taxpayer $dollars left out there to steal, and that it's in New York City of all places, wall to wall progressive liberal democrats as willing participants, maybe this might be the Clintons greatest heist of all.

And for the rest of us down here in the trenches, the question arises when people get caught that steal millions of $dollars from the taxpayers, the quote that works the best for us, ''Why is it that it's the same thieves that show up at every heist?''

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