Saturday, January 21, 2017

Domestic Terrorists Attack Washington D.C. : Progressives Want Their Power Back

Welcome to the real world of the progressive socialist liberal democrats that now apparently have decided that the peaceful transition of power is no longer a viable solution to getting and keeping power.
Progressive socialist know what's best for everyone, and how it can best be used to accomplished the progressive socialist ideology where everyone is no better then anyone else. It just being fair and if you disagree, you will be destroyed.
Progressives believe initiative and pride in a job well done, and the freedom to chose one's own way is archaic and unproductive, and so must be ended. If they have to initiate violence, domestic terror to accomplish their goals, they are okay with that as witness these attacks in Washington during ghe inaugural yesterday .
The motto for the past several decades, if not longer, of the liberal democrats has been ''By and means necessary'', and that the liberal democrats have used this strategy of violence most effectively against civil society to achieve their collective goals of a centralized authority is historical. They profess without shame, they proclaim they are now ''new wave'' progressive elite soldiers that are best suited to lead.
Any other solution for prosperity, liberty and the freedom to chose is not acceptable, and those that have deicide they couldn't and wouldn't come to gripes with their accumulative loss of power over the last several election cycles, 70+ progressive democrats that declared their opposition to democracy and freedom to chose by staying home, not attending the inaugural, sends a signal that a war has been declared on and against America and it citizens by progressive socialist liberals democrats, Americans who had the audacity to vote their conscience. 
These attacks are organized and directed by people that wish to do us harm, and they, for the most part are not foreigners, but powerful Americans that seek only to destroy our free society for personal grab for power and the ideological transformation as promised by Barack back in 2008.
Barack's religious jihad for ''fundamental change and transformation'' is alive and well.

So Much for Tolerance: Photos of the Violent Protests of Trump’s Inauguration
Katrina Trinko / /     

In some parts of the nation’s capital today, it looks like a war zone. And it’s because of protesters who are presumably taking out their anger over the election—and the voters’ decision—by acting violently and destructively on the streets of Washington.

Here are some of the most compelling photos and tweets documenting the destruction:

(Note; captions are mine, The Slickster!!)

A limo burns in the streets of Washington, D.C. (Photo: Michael Nigro/Sipa USA/Newscom)
Domestic terrorists burn a limo in Washington D.C.
The window of a Bank of America branch in Washington, D.C. is smashed as violence erupts during the march against Trump's inauguration. (Photo: Josh Stafford/newzulu/Newscom)
Domestic terrorists Attack Band of America offices 

Protesters burn trash and newspaper dispensers in the road outside the offices of The Washington Post. (Photo: James Lawler Duggan/Reuters/Newscom)
Domestic terrorists burn trash outside offices of Washington Post

Starbucks customers hide as anti-Trump protestors break window as they ran through the streets. (Photo: William Farrington/Polaris/Newscom)
Citizens at Star Bucks hides from terrorist attacks
Protesters burn an American flag in Washington, D.C., following the inauguration of President Donald Trump. (Photo: Monica Jorge/Sipa USA/Newscom)
Domestic terrorists burn Amerian Flag In Washington D.C.
Terrorists Attack Star Bucks business in Washington D.C.

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