Saturday, January 14, 2017

Progressives Found Out As Spies for Putin : What? Who Knew??

Russian Spies
How did these people become leaders? Oh wait, they're democrats.
Corrupt is what corrupt does, and it appears these people are more then willing to eat their own to get and keep personal power.

This illustration identifies the some of the main players that believe they are special and are above the law.

Sadly, many have gotten away with doing things that have put out nation at risk, things that will cause problems for decades,  failures and pestilence for generation to come.

But for them, it's not a problem. Getting and keeping power is the most important thing in their collective lives. There is nothing else for them to do.

They, the progressive liberals, know the greater majority of citizens in America are good people and will take the reigns of responsibility and sacrifice their lives to do the right thing that will save the country from the criminal destruction they left behind by progressives liberal democrats as shown here. There are many more that can be added as well. Many more!

But rest assured, even though responsible individuals have been elected to change the course of failure that drives our country to destruction, the progressives are feverishly organizing to begin their attack on those that have been selected to be responsible for our nations safety. 

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