Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hollywood Stars Living The Fantasy : The Real World? What's That?

Life outside of the fantasy is unacceptable.
Here is the real power to change the narrative no matter who you are or where you live!  Click!! There gone.

The Hollywood elites that believe they are special because they have played special people in some movie that gives them creditability to proclaim others as fools in their presents and so they are obviously inferior and deplorable.

What the segregates of idolatry don't or can't understand is the old days for the most part are gone, where their fantasy was born, the movie theater. Hello, now it's social media and the individuals hold the controlling device for their success or failure, and it's not a purchased ticket.

What a crime. They are so beautiful and so wise as they stand under the bright lights of fame for just a few moments of glory. But as the say goes, 'all fame is fleeting', the elites then realize after the applause stops and the bright go out, they are actually no body at all. Only a transparent dream, a fantasy of who they actually are.

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