Monday, January 23, 2017

Protesters Want to Bomb the White House : Not to Worry - They're Democrats

Where's the outrage! Again, how many times do we see the progressive socialist liberals flaunt the law and get a pass.
Where was the outrage when someone published a book on how to assassinate George Bush? And then made a move on how to kill George Bush? Where was the press demanding justice?
The silence was deafening. I wonder who the real enemy is in our country? Is it our representatives? Or is it the media and the fools that believe anything and everything they say that elect our national leaders.
Image result for vulgar signs at women's march
This is what passes for national pride. Progressive democrats on parade.
(Author unknown)
Let’s see – if you or I stood in front of thousands and proclaimed we often thought about bombing the White House, what would happen:
1.       We would have a visit at our home by the FBI and Secret Service and maybe more local level law enforcement officers.
2.       We would be added to the No Fly List.
3.       Never could own or buy a gun again.
4.       And perhaps a few addition denials of our rights.
But wait, where's the outrage? - What about the poor sucker who made the video about Mohammad that was arrested and put in jail for doing nothing wrong except the progressives needed a fall guy for Hillary and Barack when their incompetence murdered 4 Americans in Benghazi?
Where's the outrage! What about Eric Holder running guns into Mexico that killed a boarder guard? He and Barack skated! Nobody cared as they are progressive democrats or worse if that's possible.
But what happen to this bitch? Double standard – you decide!

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