Sunday, January 29, 2017

News Media Threatened by Change : Progressive Thought IS Destructive

News media instructs the public that they are mentally incompetent.
When things don't go as planed, those that must make a change that demands common sense.

If you decide not to change with the situation, then it's likely you will suffer the consequences which usually comes in the form of incoherent ravings and language use that begs diminished capacity.

This is called the lunatic fringe. Debased, lurid and depraved.

But the all consuming problem for many progressive liberals democrats, in and out of government, and the media becomes a total consuming threat to those that won't change or cannot change as their personal ideology demands retaliation, even to the point of self destruction.

The infestation is so complete and destructive that they are seen as mentally incompetent or much worse, to the average citizen that lives and works in the real world.

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