Saturday, January 14, 2017

What Do Detroit and Aleppo Have in Common? : Criminals In Charge

One of these cities is Aleppo. The other is Detroit. Run by Democrats for 60 years.
60 years of democrat control leaves Detroit in ruins. One is not Detroit!

Here are two pictures that illustrate the destructive power of a foreign war and the other the destructive power that is the democrat party. No matter where they are in control, crime and destruction is always close behind.
Nearly all mayor cities and states that are under attack by criminals in America are controlled and under the influence of progressive socialist liberal democrats. One of these picture is of Aleppo and the other is Detroit. Are both of these cities under attack? Of course they are. Just because one is in America mean nothing when the controlling forces in these cities are morally and criminally corrupt. How can this happen in America?

The question to ask now is who keeps voting for those that bring such pain and suffering to once great cities?

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