Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Foreign AND Domestic Failures (Videos) : Barack's Real Legacy

Now that it's finally coming to an end, the worst national disaster that has befallen our great country that has caused so much damage to our domestic society, and nearly destroyed our repetition overseas as a fighter for freedom and liberty, as well as caused death and destruction to millions of innocent people around the world, Barack confidently proclaims victory.

''I'm the one you have been waiting for''

Last night Barack Ogbjma celebrated his tenure as the leader of the free world, and how he has shown everyone what leadership is all about. And as he smiled his famous smile, the throng cheered.

13 Inconvenient Truths About Obama’s Legacy
Genevieve Wood / /     

According to President Barack Obama, the last eight years have been just swell. But his rendition of history leaves out a few important facts about the state of America following his two terms as president.

In two videos, we run through 13 facts about his administration’s domestic and foreign policy record he conveniently ignores.

On the domestic front, the national debt has almost doubled on his watch. He is responsible for an unparalleled expansion of the job-killing regulatory state. And his signature policy, the Affordable Care Act, has proven to be anything but affordable for many Americans.

His foreign policy and national security record also paints a bleak picture. By any objective measure, transnational terrorist threats are far greater today than when Obama took office in 2009. His policy of appeasement toward hostile regimes in Iran and Cuba have not made Americans safer or the Cuban people freer. And his refusal to adequately fund the U.S. military has threatened the readiness of our country’s armed forces.

Obama's biggest domestic policy blunders (Video)

7 Obama foreign policy disasters - (Video)


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