Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Movie Stars Come Out to Shine : The Brightness, Like Fame, Fades In Reality

It really doesn't come down to a question of why people that are paid handsomely to live in a fantasy find it necessary to go public to express their opinions gained, formulated while embedded in a make-believe world. The question now is why do we listen to them?

What creditability do movie stars bring to solving the problems we face? Exactly what expertise they have that will help our decisions makers in Washington, and our local and state governments that have the real responsibility to bring clarity to a problems that confront the population which requires real knowledge born from hands-on experience.

Unfortunately, as this illustration depicts, movies are about escaping reality, live the life of someone else that has, in the end, found a way to save themselves from catastrophic events that are unbelievable to those of us that live reality. Still, seeing the hero move heaven and earth to save the day makes us all feel a little better about real catastrophic event occurring outside of the doors of the theater.

It's a fun experience watching someone have success against great odds, but that good feeling soon fades when we are confronted by the reality of our world as it really is. That a celebrity has an opinion is a good thing, but many among us believe in their fantasy being credibility, but it is very important to keep in mind that this is just their opinion as a celebrity, an actor.

Equally important is to have some kind of clear and realistic context in this discussion of the creditability of actors, knowing that this person is just another person like ourselves, it's just that we see them much more in situations of glamor and the ''celebrity'' on center stage and bright lights. We cannot possibility see ourselves in the same context.

As a result we are diminished some how when we observe the celebrity speaking about the same subjects that we do with our friends and family, but I believe we a wrong headed, having the mistaken tendency to denigrate our own abilities and opinions as questionable against that of the movie actor. Are they wiser, better informed? Hardly.

We therefore lose ourselves in the shadows of the flood lights on center stage, and opting instead for the bright lights of fame to control the narrative. This will not solve any problem, only drive it further from a solution.
Sadness and Joy are the tools of actors. Celebrities are actors.

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