Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ogbjma's Exchanges Sliding into Oblivion : Insurers Exit

The proof of OgbjmaCare destroying our health care is fact even though the media does everything it can to misinform and mislead the public. Real people are suffering under the threat of government retribution for not complying with a mandate that no one wanted in the first place.

Was OgbjmaCare the biggest reason Trump won the election is still unknown, but it sure was one of many Ogbjma disasters that people could to pick from. oblivion

70% of US Counties Have Only 1 or 2 Insurers on Obamacare Exchanges
Alyene Senger / /

Forthcoming research by The Heritage Foundation finds that insurer competition in the Obamacare exchanges is worse than ever in 2017, with 70 percent of counties having only one or two insurers selling coverage.

As shown in the map, consumers in nearly one-third of counties have no choice of insurer on their Obamacare exchange in 2017. Another 37 percent of counties have a choice of just two insurers selling coverage on the exchange.

This year, county-level competition in the exchanges is about twice as bad as it was in 2016, when 36 percent of all counties had only one or two insurers on the exchanges.
This lack of consumer choice and insurer competition is yet another reason why Congress must repeal Obamacare.

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