Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Media Explains Events : Ideology Defines Truth

Who knew? Most of the time, an even or a situation where there are multiple witness to that event have different opinions that describe what happened. In this case, the witnesses that are standing in front seem to have a better perspective then those that are standing just behind them. It seems those that are standing behind are unaware of what actually happened when the story is actually told in the press.

Still, unperturbed, the media pronounces their understanding of events as fact, and all others that believe otherwise are found to be influenced by their personal shortcomings. Bigotry, deceit and an outrageous profound lack of insight into reality when others proclaim those in the press and their supporters in the progressive socialist liberal democrat collective, are manipulating, managing, if not knowingly using misinformation to tell how events occurred.

Sadly, of course there are many on board the bus of liberal ideology that anchiously await the next pronouncement from their friends and colleagues explaining how the real world actually works, and that to believe anything else is explained as a betrayal of human existence.

After those in authority have explained the facts from in the front of the bus, the applause and rancorous cheering from those in waiting is deafening and defining.

It seems it all boils down to where you sitting on the bus.

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