Monday, July 17, 2017

Progressive's Anger and Rage : Power Lost

But why? Why so much contempt and hate for one person when there are so many other people standing in the way of progressive liberals getting their power back that willingly tell us they want to destroy the country? 

And who are these monsters that have come out of no where to change the course of history by electing someone who finds established politics a corruption of the truth? Oh No! It's those horrible deplorable voters! The people with the pitch forks?  Who knew?

With their collective power gone for now, what can the immoral and unethical liberals do to get their power back? The progressive liberal democrats believe their best tool for them now is to ramp up their hate for Donald Trump and the voters that tossed out them out of control of the money and power.

And what is left to the progressives once their screaming and hateful speech fails to win the day, but the use of violence in our cites to bring the country back into the fold of the unscrupulous corruption and deceit of progressive liberal politics.

Progressive liberal democrats literally are not like us, their DNA is different from those of us that live and work in the trenches. For the progressive democrat power is all they know and care about. The country be dammed!

There seems to be no limit to just how hateful people are willing to be to gain power.

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