Monday, July 10, 2017

Democrats Beating A Dead Russian Narrative

Democrats destroying their trust and credibility. Citizens are not fooled.
The media and their willing subservient in the progressive liberal democrat party, the collective, don't have a horse to beat to death so they are using Russia.

Really, given all of the evidence that is available now for all to see and understand, why are the progressive liberal democrats still using Russia as a 'whipping boy'' to attack Trump and the Republicans?

What I see coming as a result of democrats outrageous misinformation or outright lying is a total break down in credibility of all news media, a total denial of the main stream news media as being illegitimate, even news sources that try to be news worthy.

In some instances news anchor appear to be in need of medial help from professionals. They appear to be insane. Totally devoid of reality. 

I have noticed that I still have the tendency, a historical reflex action at first glance to believe what I see on television and what I read in news media, but then I take a step back immediately to reevaluate that information as possibly being false.

The worrisome thing is once that reflex to believe is gone completely, all that will remain is a denial of all information, no matter who says it or where it comes from. Who do you trust?

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