Sunday, July 02, 2017

Freedom to Chose Denied : Couple's Same Sex Marriage Views Speak Out(Video)

When you realize the weaknesses on the part of so many officials that lead us, it begs a certain ability on the part of those of us in the trenches to overlook the absurdity of their personal ignorance for just plain common sense and logic when being confronted by what should be seen as everyday life in a Republic that is founded on freedom and liberty.

It just seem so clear to me, especially now on this special occasion, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, when people stood up against tyranny and proclaimed ''we the people'' will no longer be ruled by others.

And yet here we are, people falling pray to the demands of others that declare themselves as superior in who should have freedom and who shouldn't.

Couple Banned From Farmers Market Over Same-Sex Marriage Views Speaks Out
Kelsey Harkness / /    

After Steve and Bridget Tennes posted on Facebook they wouldn’t host same-sex weddings on their family farm because of their religious beliefs about marriage, city officials in East Lansing banned the couple, owners of Country Mill, from selling produce at the local farmers market 22 miles away.

The Daily Signal traveled to Michigan last week to interview the Tenneses about why they’re fighting back in a lawsuit against the city of East Lansing, and visited the East Lansing Farmers Market to talk to the local community.

Watch the video :

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