Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Happened At The G20 Summit? : Exited To A Safe Place?

When push come to shove, we still won't know what our allies will do or won't do in a crisis. As witness the G20 Summit was a social event and not much else. For Trump to try and push the Western allies out of the self protection mode, take a stand in their own defense fell mostly on deaf ears.

And if you need more proof, Trumps speech in Poland was a land mark speech identifying who and what we are in the West. And how did the progressives liberal democrats treat that speech, it was racist.

The puzzle is why or how can the American citizens especially, the very epicenter of liberty and freedom in the world, that have their entire existence tied to Western civilization vote regularly for democrats that hate personal freedom and liberty?

But wait, there is something must be understood here. They, the progressive liberals lover personal freedom for themselves but no so much for others.

Western Europeans don't understand freedom. Democrats hate the freedom to chose.

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