Monday, July 31, 2017

The ''A Better Deal'' Slogan From Democrats : Better Then The Last 8 Years?

Democrats are desperate. The "Better Deal" slogan is ludicrous! 
Socialism has never worked.  And yet democrats are fully committed.
Yikes. The new focus advertising now by democrats to take the initiative to set a standard for the next election is they have a ''better deal'' for America then the Republicans?

Goodness, these people just have no shame. Is this like the better deal brought to us by Barak, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi over the last 8 years?

But wait, the progressive democrats have a history of being short on ideas that benefit the people, but long on how to take advantage of them.

A better deal? Socialism is a 'better deal' then the individual freedom to chose?

Their sole purpose of a socialist collective is to find ways to limit what the people need to prosper, as when the people prosper they become more independent, thinking as individuals. Therefore, as a result, the democrats are voted out of office.

Success and prosperity is a disaster for the progressive socialist liberal democrats as the find themselves on the outside looking in as they are doing now.

Little wonder there is such hate for the Republicans in congress and the main stream media. The people are beginning to see what prosperity looks like and they are enjoying their success.

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