Monday, July 31, 2017

Republicans Losing Their Commitments To Voters? : Why?

Republicans are weak and uncommitted to save the country from OgbjmaCare?
OgbjmaCare is a disaster but Republican are okay with that? It just seems the required intelligence and principles needed to make a situation better escapes them.

Or is it worse then that? Is it they really aren't who the say the are?

We know who the progressive socialist liberals are, they show us and tell us who they are every day. Our country is in decline and worse.

But the Republicans go before the cameras extolling their commitment to God, family and the nation, but when it comes time to actually make good on those pronouncements of their basic principles, they head for the exits.

To be fair, not all Republicans are spineless hand wringers, still there are enough of them to make a bad situation worse by letting down all those that voted for them to actually do what they said they would do if elected.

It boils down to 'stand and deliver' on promises made to their voter base. But Republicans, it seems, just find it easier once they arrive in Washington become bewildered, power struck if you will, unable to shake the need to remain in power much like their colleagues in the progressive democrat collective.

The mistake the Republicans are making by sitting on their 'collective' hands is the voters won't tolerate such action as they have in the past. The democrats can usually escape voter anger as most democrat voters are asleep at the wheel, good soldiers standing ready to the bidding of their betters. w Republican voters have become insurgent and awakened to the perils that face our nation, thanks in large part to the catastrophic last past 8 years of democrats and Barak driving our country into ruin.

And lets not forget the progressive ultra left media that has emerged now from behind the curtain as a willing participant in the ''transformation'' of the country as promised by Barack's jihad and the socialists.

I believe there is a new day dawning in Washington were politicians are being held to account and the consequences for inaction and commitment are unacceptable. And when the voters are angered enough, on election day, the voters will show who is actually in charge.

Sadly though, it's not just the weak politician that will suffer, our country will suffer as well leaving the country to slide back into the hands those that seek only the power to control.

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