Monday, July 03, 2017

National Media Caught in Ideology of Deception And Deceit : Does Anyone Care?

Painfully caught in the middle of a lie and no where to run, the progressive media goes to it's fall back position, try and tell even bigger lie, that Trump must be impeached because he has businesses that make a profit, to cover up the previous lie about the Russians.

Many among us are pulling on our collective chins and scratching our heads as to why the main stream media, the lettered channels and the New York Times as well as the Washington Post and other subservient news out lets, franticly expound on what is so obviously to everyone, and should be to those organizations themselves, that they are found to be contemptuous of common sense and what others know is the truth.

The question that remains, what has brought these organizations to this point in time where they will do and say anything, absolutely anything no matter how egregious and nationally dangerous to stop Republicans and Conservatives from turning our country around before we find ourselves in third world status?

And yet, that media moves forward on an hourly basis, with indifference and capitulation to the agenda and ideology of progressive socialist liberalism with malfeasancent hypocrisy, deception and deceit.
Progressive media caught in their ideology of socialist liberalism.

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