Friday, July 28, 2017

Buying A New Truck : Who You Are AND What You Say Matters

Just how beautiful just a few words of wisdom and truth can be to start the day. This little ditty brings home a refreshing point of view that lurks mostly in 'flyover country' where common sense and logic are every day occurrences, not a scares commodity as it seems to be on the east and west coasts of our great country.

Oh, and little wonder it was all of us that lurk and labor in the trenches of reality that elected Donald Trump, kicking the progressive ''wonder woman'' Hillary Clinton to the curb. Do the progressive socialist liberal democrats hate us, you bet, but then as a class of free individuals that understand life and living ,we wear the democrats badge of hate for us with pride.

Knowing who and what we are is essential for survival and prosperity in this 'new norm mentality' of misinformation and misdirection to change America. Democrats believe bringing daily designed chaos and conflict situations around the country as an agenda, they can 'transform'  our way of life and destroy 240 years of our history of individuals having the freedom and liberty to chose.

It hasn't worked! Enjoy the ride.

Keep On Truckin'
After spending a considerable about of money each month on repairs for my ride, I decided I would stopped by my local Ford Dealership this morning to look for a new truck.

While I was walking around the sales lot I saw a nice F-350 Crew Cab loaded with all the options that I like. The truck was exactly what I had in mind when I thought about buying a new truck so and asked to take it for a test drive

A few minutes later the salesperson (a lady wearing a ‘Hillary for President’ lapel pin) came out from the office with the keys, flipped them to me and I opened the doors.

She sat in the passenger seat next to me, and began describing the truck and all its options.
She told me about the automatic starter for those cold winter nights and hot summer days, she told me about the automatic wipers, the fog lamps, the UBS ports, the running boards, the clear coat.
Finally she explained that the electric seats were connected to the ventilation system and could be set to direct cool air to your butt in the summer and warm air to your butt in the winter.

So I mentioned that this must be a ‘Trump Truck.’  She looked at me a bit angry, and asked why I thought it was a ‘Trump Truck.’ I told her that if it were a Hillary Truck, the seats would just blow smoke up your ass all year ’round!

The two mile walk back to the dealership to pick up my truck was well worth it


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