Monday, July 17, 2017

Keeping the Faith : Barack Works the Crowd

Every criminal  organization that believes it is their duty to bilk the public out of their resources, their money and freedom, needs a front man to explain just how right and fair it will be for you to give him power, your money and maybe even your life to advance his agenda for making America a progressive socialist liberal Disney land.

And the center of his message will be you are lucky to have him in your life as he is ''the one you have been waiting for'', someone to lead you out of your troubles with freedom and capitalist destruction, back into the light of a socialist paradise where life become trouble free and your future realized and unquestioned.

Can there be any other way to live but trouble free? All that is required of you is to do what you are told by those in authority. Simple enough, right?

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Sadly it's not about stupidity but criminality. After all he is a progressive socialist or much worse!

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