Monday, July 10, 2017

McDonald Forges Ahead? : $15 Wagers Dumped?

How did this happen? Isn't it McDonald's duty to do the bidding of those that are the smartest in the room? Hire people just to make sure the have enough money to by beer and enjoy the good life and then vote democrat? Even if they get laid off they will still vote democrat.

Profits? Who cares about that!? These people want things that will ensure they can enjoy the nice things in life like everyone else. Why not pay them what they want? Come on, get real. It's only money. And who cares anyway, it's someone else's money.

Wouldn't you feel better about yourself if you paid them what the union leaders want you to pay them? They just want a better life. A bigger newer car, a new house, a night on the town.  And everyone needs a vacation to see the world. What's wrong about that?

And what's really cool is that after a few years they will want more money to buy better stuff and go more places.

Who cares if a burger will cost $15 bucks? I wonder who will buy them?

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