Sunday, July 23, 2017

OgbjmaCare Is Finished - Republicans Struggling : Democrats Don't Care - Screw The Public!

The democrats couldn't care less OgbjmaCare has failed. Show me the money.
Once a progressive has given the nation a screwing they expect it to stay screwed no matter how badly the screw job.

It's just the way it is and always has been. One of the best example is the love affair of Barack and his forced screwing of the public with OgbjmaCare.

The democrats are just the worst possible collection of shameless, malicious and unscrupulous actors to have in our country as they couldn't care less about the country or the people, it's just about themselves and how they can get back the power they lost in November.

They knew the Affordable Care Act was a loser, and even had Johnathon Gruber go on television and explain how they had to lie to get the bill passed because the population in general was too stupid to understand the bill. Or maybe the people would understand how they would be getting screwed by the democrats.

As OgbjmaCare has failed spectacularly in all cases, forcing taxpayer to eat billions in lost dollars getting this health care nightmare installed in our country, with the exchanges nearly all failing and costing  $billions, now the progressive socialist liberal democrats are pulling out all the stops to kill the Republican bill that might at least slow the destruction of OgbjmaCare.

Do the democrats actually care about the people and how OgbjmaCare is driving our health care system into the dumpster? Not a chance. It's all about the power to control. The people are the enemy of the authoritarian state.

Never vote for a democrat ever again!

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