Saturday, April 01, 2017

Chuck Schumer - Poster Child for Disruption, Insurection and Hate for Individual Feedom

If you are looking a poster child of the progressive collective socialist liberals that proudly stand shoulder to shoulder in the way of freedom and liberty for citizen of ur civil society, formerly known as a political party, look no further then the sinister and lurid double speak debauchery of Chuck Schumer.

Now I know Nancy Pelosi is deceitful and neurological diseased as is Al Franken among others, but when they speak it comes off as an act on Comedy Central. The babblings of the institutionalized. 

Schumer on the other hand is a great actor, playing the part of a serious politician, but in realty we in the real world see him as nothing more then just another freeloader that seems to fill out the membership of the progressive socialist liberal collective. a wolf in sheep's clothing snaring out his demands for others to relent their voter won leadership. He explains the voters are wrong, the Republicans have no right to power. The right to power is mine and mine alone.

There are so many bad actors among the progressives it also seem like it's a requirement to be mentally unhinged and intellectually vacuous to become card holding members of the collective. 

Crying aSchnumar card
Chuck Schumer explains what It means to be out of power.

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