Saturday, April 29, 2017

Boarder Wall Disaster for Democrats : Voter Demise

Without a doubt, if the democrats believed illegals where being convinced to vote Republican and being registered to do so like the democrats are doing now,  the progressive socialist liberal democrats would be on the boarder themselves with pick and shovels building the wall. And they would do it gladly for nothing.

Fear is a great motivator when progressive democrats believe they are being out smarted in the game of who has first choice at sucking on the federal tit. Normally it's never a contest.

Progressives understand without a federal tap into the Untied States treasury, they become noncitizens, non-persons and non-human beings. The thought of having to seek a job in the private sector for a progressive socialist democrat is death itself.

Dem Border Wall
Illegals are a voting block for democrats

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