Sunday, April 09, 2017

Liviing The Good Life of Priviliege : Gated And Walled From Chaos

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Some among us are born to lead. Others must obey.
Please explain exactly how this works for the rest of us?

Isn't this a little bazar and hypocritical on the part of such a high profile progressive socialist that she can be so wealthy but still demand there has to be new rules against others wanting the same opportunity to become prosperous?

Oh, but wait, the progressive socialist ideology states very clearly that some in the world are born to rule and lead, while others are born to obey.

It's so much easier this way to keep the larger population in it's proper place and to establish it's proper duty to the state.

That those that are born to lead have to have special privileges is just part of the system. Leaders must have the authority to obtain and hold wealth in comparison to the larger population as to present a more pure and dignified example for the obedient to understand how real authority works.

Other wise without such good examples of socialist leadership, only chaos and conflict will remain in a failed free society.

Senator Warren welcomes us all to her world. "To each according to ones needs and from each according to ones abilities''.

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