Friday, April 21, 2017

Califorina Professor Advocates violence Against Trump : Result? Gets Paid Vacation - Who Knew?

Wait a minute - paid leave for a college professor advocating bodily harm to the president of the United States and members of the Untied States Congress? Whose idea is this? And what about an investigation for criminal intent to do harm to a sitting president by the FBI?

Remember, the FBI, and others including the DOJ,  were 'Johnny on the spot' going after the Conservative organization ''True The Vote'' when they wanted to know why the IRS wouldn't approve their request for tax protection under the 501(c)(3) for more then two years.

Why would the FBI get involved in IRS problem? Why the DOJ? Why the EPA?

Insurrection? Subversion?  Free speech is one thing, but for someone to advocate for violent overthrow of the government by a member of a state institution reaches into other areas that demand consequences beyond a taxpayer vacation.

Oh, but wait, this is California where all things are progressive. All things are socialist. Where all things are liberal, even violence against any opposition to the liberal agenda and ideology.

I wonder if a college professor, or anyone else for that matter, that advocated Barack Ogbjma to be killed by hanging would have gotten paid leave? Would the FBI have stood down as they are now for this professor who wants death for president Trump and two Republicans congressmen?

Professor Who Tweeted ‘Trump Must Hang’ Takes Paid Leave of Absence
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The professor who tweeted “Trump must hang” and that two Republicans should be executed for each immigrant deported is taking a paid leave of absence for the rest of the spring semester.
Professor Lars Maischak of California State University, Fresno agreed upon the leave of absence with the university, according to The Fresno Bee.
The professor’s paid leave of absence comes after The Daily Caller News Foundation reported on threatening tweets sent from his Twitter account (since deleted), including the following:

Maischak’s five American history courses will be taught by a substitute teacher. Fresno State Provost Lynnette Zelezny told The Fresno Bee that 213 students will be affected. “The agreement for the paid leave was reached in accordance with provisions in the collective bargaining agreement with the California Faculty Association, the union that represents all faculty,” said Joseph Castro, Fresno State’s president, in a statement obtained by The Fresno Bee. “During his leave of absence, Dr. Maischak will no longer have a teaching role, but will be conducting research off campus.”

After initially defending his tweets, Fresno State launched an investigation into the incident and Maischak apologized. A petition on calls for the professor to be fired. “While Maischak is certainly entitled to his opinion, he should not be in a position of power and authority over impressionable young minds while inciting violence against the president and those who support him,” reads the petition.

Maischak has left town after the unearthing of his tweets and says he does not feel safe,  the Los Angeles Times reported.

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