Sunday, April 02, 2017

Progressives Obsessed by Self Loathing : They Hate Others That Aren't

Contemptuous hate for everyone and everything you stand for.
Blinded by self loathing and hate for others that they believe see them as ignorant and loathsome.

But then sick is that sick does. But one has to wonder how this will all play out over the long term as voters seem to have a longer memory then in the old days. Such as when the democrats always won elections and debates, and the Republicans were always ready and willing to compromise on everything.

If Republicans did win an election, the first thing the progressive democrats would demand was compromise, telling Republicans they will have to reaching across the aisle to do will of the people, to get things done, and as history can attest, it always worked in the past
It was just easier to 'go along to get along.'

Maybe, hopefully now all that has changed with the election of Donald Trump by an awaken electret that isn't controlled by eastern or far western powerbrokers who have always pulled the strings in most elections.

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