Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Charting The Ogbjma Legacy : A Progressive Failure to Deliver

Who knew how ''The One we have been waiting for'' would drive the country into decline and despair? But then many among us down here in the trenches knew from the beginning we were headed into a storm of incomprehensible criminal deceit and delusion where Barack and his dark and sinister minions believed the working class of citizens were no better the useful idiots ''clinging to their guns and religion.''

Why and who voted twice for this man?

Sadly, of course, Barack was successful in his religious jihad for ''change'' that he promised back in 2008, in that his legacy of chaos and conflict in all aspects of our society, and the larger world is still playing out on a daily basis.

It's the culture of divide and conquer, bring the nation to it collective knees with divisional hate for each other, flood the nation with people that have on idea who they are or what the want, promising them a life without worry or responsibility. corrupting the justice system with criminal intent and spend the wealth of the nation into financial ruin, all the while proclaiming he is doing everything he can to fix the problems he just created but blame others.

(I assume these chart are correct but I haven't vetted them) But if you have been awake for the last 8 years, they are close enough for government work.


Like to see what the years of Obama and Hillary did to our country?
Here is what Obama accomplishments in 9 charts. This is from the Feds themselves 
Here is the real story of America's decline right from their own Fed web sites.  

These charts came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis. 

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