Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bill Nye, The Science Guy : Now A Progressive Disciple?

Truly, what I don't understand is how is it possible that a TV host of a children's program become an accepted authority on all thing pertaining to scientific fact?? Who decided that Bill Nye is a true scientist and who decided to grant him televise time to show us all he isn't what he and they say he is?

And if that isn't enough, what turns a supposedly normal and enthusiastic  personality that connected well to children on things that kids are curses about, into a delusional, contentious and shameless surrogate for progressive socialist ideological clap-trap that is totally devoid of common sense, logic or fact?

Can we assume that the result of his ''transformation'' he is now a high profile 'poster child' of Barack's religious jihad for changing America he pursued for 8 years?

Lundgren over Nye
When common sense and clear thinking explains the truth.

Is Bill Nye just another aberration of the truth, common sense and logic?

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