Saturday, April 29, 2017

Barack's First 100 Days : Who Cares! We Love Him!

Obama 100 days
Barack was never about prosperity. Barack was and is about transformation.
Why should we care? Barack Hessian Ogbjma is ''The One We Have Been Waiting For''. A special individual of unknown status hiding as progressive democrat, wielding power to fulfill his destiny of bringing a religious jihad for ''change and transformation'' as he promised in 2008.

All we really know about Barack is what the media told us, and then it was managed to the point that if he never showed up for work it would be reported as a success.

Did you ever wonder why his total bill for travel was more then $100 million dollars? No matter what he did in his first 100 days would no different then what happened in the rest of the 8 years he was in office but with one clear caveat, his last 100 days in office was dedicated to attacking the opposition party by any means necessary. There were no limits.

And who proclaimed and celebrated Barack as the greatest president every, why the media and their surrogates in the democrat collective. To tell the story any other way would be blasphemy.

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