Saturday, April 08, 2017

John Kerry Explains Chemical Weapons In Syria : The Russians Promised Me!

The real horror story is millions of progressive socialist liberal democrats still believe what ever their collective tells them even in the face of decades of proof their leaders are lying to them. Over and over and over again, and yet they stair mindlessly starry-eyed waiting for the next lie that explains who they are and why they are disadvantaged.

Most of us that live in the trenches of the real world know that the progressive liberal democrats are not capable of telling any kind of truth, their DNA will not allow it. History is riff with examples.

All that's required to find the facts of delusion and deceit that surrounds and infests our country is find a democrat. And it not that hard to find one, just look for the person demanding something for nothing, and there are a lot of those, or just watch any lettered channel on television.

The desperation of their talking points reveals their depraved ravings of how they have been cheated out of power by the stupid voters is readily apparent. How could the voters be so uninformed to vote for a blow hard business guy like Donald Trump, when the real, honest and motherly candidate that we all seek to guide us through the everyday pitfalls in life, Hillary Clinton. But she was rejected, kicked to the curb, thrown under the bus. It seems there is no justice.

What has our country become?

Kerry WMD syria

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