Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bubba Is A Hero - O'Reilly A Slug : BJ's In The WH Are Just Mainstream

It wouldn't be so bad if the progressives socialist liberal democrats had any inclination of what shame is, they wouldn't be so quick to denigrate others. But they live in world of fantasy and make believe where all they have to do bounce from one incredible debauchery to another, all the while pointing out the failings of others and then depicting themselves as just main stream.

The saving grace here is that those of us in the trenches are not fooled by the rhetoric from the progressives in congress or their surrogates in the main stream media, and we proved that by electing Donald Trump. 

Beware progressive socialist liberal democrats, the sleeping giant has awakened to your destruction of our country.
Dem Hypocrist
Bubba getting BJ's in the Oval Office is just main stream behavior.

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