Sunday, April 23, 2017

Free Speech Must End : The Tyranny of Progressive Ideology

Progressive socialist democrats know free speech will destroy them.
Now the question that must be asked and debated, who are the progressive socialist liberal democrats, I mean, really, who are they and what do they intend for our country?

We have always thought that everyone in America wanted the same things, having a good life of having the freedom to chose what ever direction we wanted to take to gain prosperity.

But in reality, there are millions of individuals and organizations that have different agendas for America and it's population. That agenda nd ideology has proven unscrupulous and pathological.

And in this instance I say 'population' because it's not about the people as individuals, it's about a blind ambition to take control of the population in general, and all aspect of the American way of life. Individual freedom and liberty must be ended to instigate the ideology of socialist liberalism.

Barack's religious jihad for ''change and transformation'' was the catalysis that released the mindless hoard to seek and destroy civil society.

And it not complicated, it's in fact very simple. The progressives want and must have the power to control outcomes. Any aspect of life in this country that stands in the way of the progressive lefts demand for that ultimate  power to control the population's freedom to chose must be stopped at any cost to the nation. The freedom to say what you believe is the truth must end.

Little wonder then why the progressives are fighting 'tooth and nail' to destroy the freedom of free speech. Without the ability to stand and be heard without the threat of personal destruction is fundamental to America strength and viability. It is the foundation on what the founders knew we must have when they wrote our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But the progressive socialist liberals view free speech as a threat to their agenda and ideology of centralized authority where one voice speaks for the everyone. It is the ideology of tyranny.

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