Saturday, April 08, 2017

Russians Under Every Rock : Progresssives Can't Accept Ideology Corruption

Dem Russia Obsession
The democrats and their friends in the FBI will find the proper narrative.
Hey, what good does it do for everyone to just stand around looking at the crime scene?

Everyone knows who did the crime but no one is willing in the liberal collective is ready to assign guilt.

The FBI and the rest of the democrat collective is on the job making sure the proper narrative is dispensed to the general public.

It's just not possible to accept the fact that the democrats candidate is a total loser, a known serial criminal, and the messages as well of progressive socialism that has caused our country to become a pit of despair and division had nothing to do with the total destruction of a corrupt liberal democrat ideology.

There can't be much rational debate, discussion on the matter when even many democrats decided to vote for a Republican, unheard of, or they stayed home in disgust. And it wasn't earth shaking news to understand the strong hold of progressive liberal democrat voters was the cesspool of democrats that run New York City and Las Angles.

Who knew?

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