Saturday, April 22, 2017

Zombies Are Victims of ''Living'' Individuals : Progressives Move to Organize Them

Zombie Rights
Progressive are all about diversity and inclusion.
The modern progressive liberal would find a way to demand integrating the zombies into the civilized society as a matter of inclusion and diversity.

If the progressive socialist liberal democrats are nothing else, they are about taking up the causes of victims being abused by the system.

Know this, to exclude a zombie from civil society just because they are dead, smell and want to do us harm, is just rightwing hypocrisy and racial demagoguery.

Yes, okay, zombies are different, but if we excluded everyone that was different, what would our society look like. Down deep if we can just appeal to their inner person, we can bring them in from the cold and dark confines of bad circumstances from where or how they came to be in such a terrible situation.

Progressive democrats will never be seen as giving up on a victim class, especially if they can be turned into good voters. What's wrong about a zombie being brain dead? Millions of voters of the living are seen to be that way already. Progressive democrats are not judgmental.

The progressive socialist would also understand if they can get a majority of zombies to believe they are victims of the majority of "living" individuals, mostly Republicans and Conservatives that can be understood as actually being alive, the progressives would be able to organize them into an effective voting base to win elections.

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