Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bias in the Media Charted : Lettered Channels Don't Hide Any More.

The lettered channels exhibit symptoms of neurological disorders unknown to medical science.

Is this news to anyone? That the news is biased on the lettered channels has been a given condition for decades. And it's not just a bias, this is a religion based on assumptions and hand written scripts from disciples of the movement like Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and Dan Rather.

Here is one example of  how the liberal faith explains truth, "Certain things can be true, but sometimes they aren't, and at the same time they might not be true but we believe they are true because if we can't determine if they are or aren't true, we have to believe they are true." The testaments get a little complicated and tortured sometimes, but one in the faith can seek out the apostles for clarity like Nance Pelosi or Charlie Rangel that are always ready to help the faithful. 

But now everything has changed, it's not just bias any more, now it's something that even the medial professionals are struggling to identify just what the condition is that has effected so many in the news business, willing to display symptoms of delusion, depraved and degenerate behavior.

Can it be just religious fervor?

The medical professionals that deal with mental illness on a daily bases find that such wide spread pathological debasement has to be some kind of neurological disease of such nature to be able to infect so many so quickly is something the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are investigating as a potential national security risk.

Some experts believe it might be caused by the Russians injecting a virus into our water supply on the coasts as it seems to effect mostly people in New York City, Washington DC and California, especially in the Hollywood area.

Many on the West Coast say they refuse to drink any kind of water unless it is shipped in from the Midwest. Others are fleeing to places in Oklahoma and Texas for fear that the Russians have agents hiding in our coastal cities and are ready to make another move to bring chaos and conflict to our country. It is believed by many in seats of power, electing Trump was just the beginning. 

It is believed by a lot of people that if the Russians can hack our election to the point they can elect anyone they want, the water supply would be easy to contaminate.

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