Saturday, May 20, 2017

Progressives Wonder In Darkness Ranting Against the Light.

WOW - what happened to progressive socialist liberal left? I wonder if those in the position of metical knowledge in the area of unhingedness could or would explain how it happens that it was just less then a ago the progressives were all aglow with faith and healing, but now after the November election they are expressing an intellectually ability this side of a turnip.

Sadly, when your entire life's experience can be only expressed in a loud voice, you aren't seen as being ready for prime time. What is seen as normal behavior, the rest of us understand the real meaning of a behavior run-a-muck, that is to be understood as a pure form of insanity.

But what is so perplexing is that so many of our citizen are effected. What actually caused this malady to strike so quickly and so thoroughly is still under investigation by some of the best minds in the country. It is so previse that some politicians are calling for special congressional investigators to root out the cause before it becomes a nation wide health risk, a national security risk.

The special committee that was set up to oversee this investigation is sill waiting for a progress report.
Progressive democrats struggle with reality. It's just to Fearful.

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