Friday, May 12, 2017

Progressives Redistributing The Wealth, ''Fair Share" : Stealing America's Heritage

I guess the ''fair share'' slogan stated here by Mr. Sowell is like the old and tired smack-down by progressive socialist liberals, ''leveling of the playing field', of people that have a desire to improve themselves by their own labors, is a foundational principle of the progressive socialist liberals, the manifesto of the neo-communist if you will, have trotted out this ideological deceit for what seems for ever on special occasions, but is now is a daily rant by progressives socialist in the media and from inside the halls of our government.

Never forget, this is also the bases for Barack's religious jihad for transformation of American civil society which lives on even though he has left office, and now is carrying on his mission for change from outside the government.

Know as well, it never was about just a high profile taking point during his reign of Barack's public progressive ideological terror, it is his signature legacy. And, his followers embedded in all government departments and agencies are determined to make sure he remains the focus of attention and power for the foreseeable future by doing their best to cause as much chaos and conflict as they can for any and all opposition to the transforming process.

One of the best examples of the continuation of the 'transformational' efforts of the progressives, is the unrest on college campuses. It is not by accident or a belief in some grand and deep seated belief in free speech and the rule of law, this is organized and initiated for a purpose by forces as ugly and calculating as anything we have seen in our history. It is about destroying our very way of life that has brought us to being the most prosperous and free nation on earth, and changing or destroying the Constitution that guarantees our individual freedom.

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