Sunday, May 14, 2017

Progressive Understand ISIS Motives : Liberals Destroying American History

Destorying Statues
The progressives move to destroy history by removing it.
I wonder just what is the difference between ISIS and the new progressive socialist liberal democrat collective, formerly the democrat party, that is determined to transform American civil society?

Is destroying the countries history a good way to transform civil society? The progressive democrats believe so.

And the best place to start to understand what is happening in the national media and their 'brown shirts' surrogates in our colleges and universities.

This 'new wave' politics of verbal and physical violence that the collective believes is the only way left to them as the actually people, the voters have determined the new wave tyranny of central authority is not conducive to freedom or prosperity and voted them out.

As the people have turned against the progressive ideology, in many minds neo-communism being reborn in the shadow of liberal politics, the progressive agenda has turned to what they see as a successful story of transformation that is taking play in the middle east with ISIS destroying the history of the entire region.

So where can the people turn to find out who they where and how that impacts their current behavior is now gone. All that is left for people is the terror of one thought and one solution. Do like your are told or die.

In the case of the progressive socialist liberal democrats, your destruction maybe not a violent in most cases, but still you will be destroyed in some manner if you don't advocate your belief in favor of the new wave socialism.

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