Sunday, May 21, 2017

Liberals Behind The Curtain Were All Sugar And Spice : Curtain Aside - Vinegar and Alum

Last year we didn't understand the liberals, now we do. They have come out.

Once deranged beyond a certain point and over a certain length of time, it is strongly believed one can not return to reality.

Once the investment in a fantasy is so strongly embedded in the individuals personality as reality, the fantasy actually becomes reality.

And to try and convince the afflicted that they are living a world of make-believe only invites harsh exchanges during a debate of opinions.

And what's more, it's likely the end result of stricken person's position will finally and ultimately have to use violence in their defense.

They will have no other place to go. As the factoid goes, "Progressive liberalism is indefensible by rational debate.''

So what's left after the first few minutes of discussion and debate?  A national crisis!

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