Sunday, May 07, 2017

Progressive Liberalism Hiding No Longer : Democrats Come Out of The Shadows

Democrats Change
The disease of progressive socialist liberalism comes out of the shadows.
I believe this is our future if middle America doesn't stand up for our heritage as a free nation.

Middle America, the heart land will always define what is right and Constitutional as they did in November last year.

If left to the progressive socialist liberals and or worse, the new collective of  ''neo-communists'' that has strangled the old democrat party out of existence, that infests all areas of life in America, if we allow them to define America's heritage as something far different and sinister then what we know it to be, and if they find a real foot hold in our civil society, not just most universities and colleges, but much of the elementary and secondary educational systems as well, we can only surmise the outcome will be something totally unseen in this country and regretted for generations to come if allowed to continue.

Electing Donald Trump was a good first step showing that those of us in the trenches, understanding what is at stake if we sit on our collective hands, moved to say this insanity of progressive socialism must stop, and return our country to it's Constitutional values that have served this country so well over the last 250 years.

In the words of Edmond Burke, 'all tyranny needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing'.

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